PhoneDeveloper provides mobile consulting, product development, software development, and developer relations with over 20 years experience in the wireless industry. Your project will benefit from years of experience and industry knowledge working with wireless operators, manufacturers and developers.

Developer Relations

PhoneDeveloper brings over 10 years of developer relations experience.

  • Developer program creation
  • Developer evangelism
  • Developer material development
  • Community insights and research

Creating a new mobile application? A design review is a cost-effective way to ensure that your project is on the right foot.

Android & Java ME Application Development

PhoneDeveloper specializes in development of carrier-grade Android & Java ME applications.

  • Development for operator preloading on handsets
  • Development for devices not yet available to the public
  • Prototype and proof-of-concept development
  • New features for existing applications
  • Design reviews

Embedded Development

  • C software development
  • Hardware prototyping
  • Wireless data interfacing
  • Compliance testing
  • Protocol and interface design

iDEN Development

PhoneDeveloper brings years of experience with iDEN handset and network technology.

  • Handset application development
  • Android on iDEN
  • iDEN network experience
  • Testing & Evaluation

Independent product analysis and comparison

  • Test plan development
  • Product/Service acceptance testing
  • Custom test software development
  • Drive testing
  • Detailed technical issue troubleshooting

Mobile Operator Services

PhoneDeveloper brings over 10 years of experience with mobile operators.

  • Platform management
  • Handset or feature acceptance testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Issue resolution
  • Drive testing

Special Projects

With software, hardware, interface, testing, developer relations, management, and years of wireless and engineering experience, give us a call if you have a special project you need completed.